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Rory Lowe is an Stand Up Comedian, Animator, Presenter and as his good friend Luke Kidgell says an "Internet sensation." Rory's partyboi anttics have seen him perform on stages and police stations from USA to Pakistan.

Rorys most recent international performance was supporting, (comedically and emotionally) The Machine - Bert Kreischer. On the Australian and USA legs of  his Body Shots World Tour.

Coachella headliners Tame Impala said "Rory Lowe is funnier than he is insane" and since he has been held at gunpoint in Pakistan,  kidnapped by Meth-Heads in the Australian Outback and offered $50'000 for butt-sex his life isn't exactly mundane.... you'll have to come to a show if you want to know more about the butt stuff.

Although Stand Up is Rorys passion, his online voice over series "Aussie Peppa Pig" and "Aussie Disney" were the catalyses to his recent fame. To which Rory took full advantage of, a began learning how to animate and create his own original cartoon series.

The first episode of his animated series "The Cigs" sky rocketed to a million views on Facebook. With more episodes on the way! 


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